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Course feedback

At the end of each course, candidates are asked to fill out a form anonymously giving their thoughts and feedback on what other courses might be beneficial. As of September 2015, well over 500 people have completed the course so the results below present a good snapshot of the industry. At the end of the form is a section where people can write their own comments if they want to and most of the recent ones are given below the table. As there are so many we’ve had to curtail them so any which repeat comments from others have been excluded. The comments are as written - good, bad and with typo errors included. One recurring theme in the feedback is that more time would be beneficial - i.e. it should be a three day rather than two day course. The reason it was chosen to be two days was that most freelancers would rather take two days off work and obviously a two day course is cheaper than a three day one. There is a one day basic electrical refresher course which can be run prior to the Skillset certificate if required. But please note this is privately run and not part of the Skillset Certificate. Enquire via the contact page if no additional course is listed.
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They said:

Course Location Comments Great knowledgable tutor. FAR too much information for effective learning over two days.  Learning would be  better with icebreaker at start & 'chalf & talk' sessions interspersed with group work and/or practical work.  Lots of  good information though, needs more time for reflective learning & consolidation of knowledge. A5 or 6 copies of  slides would help - some in the course manual are very informative but far too small to see without magnifying  glass Some practical sessions would be useful I think a practical session would be really useful. It would help to consolidate the theory we have learnt. Within the notes it would be really helpful to have a few pages of bullet point regulations/guidance for use out in  the field Course was quite intensive would be worth a third day Excellent content and teacher.  They had the knowledge and experience to back up the course content.  Thank  you. A practical day would be useful Feedback on assessment results as otherwise may continue to not be correct on various elements where our  knowledge might not be complete A brilliant course, well presented and much easier to follow than I feared. One or two of the question wording was a little ambiguous and the only other change might be adding a practial  aspect i.e. in the systems testing Elstree Bit more on the film side would be great I need a better list of acronyms used Very much enjoyed the course and the content and presentation surpassed my expectations. I found the course fast paced and an eye-opener to knowledge I lacked and elements I need to brush up on and  complete further study. Need more time on modules rather than the two days. Great teaching skills. The information was put across very clearly and with interest!! Thank you! One more day would have helped! More hands-on approach i.e. testing cable runs/genys etc. Room too dark. Some of the print too small. Projector was a bit poor. Drawings in booklet a bit small. Birmingham Really enjoyed the two days! Tough! More courses please The course has been challenging and enjoyable, I'm glad I took the time to attend It feels a little rushed at times althought I'm sure that when asked, everything was explained Practice paper to take home to go through equations again and again so they are second nature. A step by step  would be good. I would  love a practical exercise, with fualt finding working in the field is invaluable. Many thanks Could run two more days, a lot to absorb and nobody wants to 'tick' the right answer - I want to grasp it too. Donít  want to leave room and have two intense days fade from memory. Excellent tutor and very informative. Did I love it? Loved it!! Sandwiches were good, sweet would have been nice. The complex areas I felt were dealth with too quickly. Harmonics and earthing are very detailed and complex.  More time to fully understand these subjects would have helped. But great course, a real eye opener. Many  thanks. Presenter was bloody good!. Would recommend! :-) More time required (i.e. a third day) so more time can be  spent on each topic. However, I understand the reasons  why it is currently only 2 days. Really enjoyed the course, openend my eyes to how little I know & how important electrical qaulifications are.  The only thing I would say was that I think personally need more than 2 days to take everything in!! THANK YOU :-) Entrants need more tech knowledge A little hastily delivered! Maybe 3 days! Thank you! Lots to digest in a short time. Would benefit from more practical elements Fantastic Course, felt very under pressure A longer period of study would have been helpful.  Quieter test period especially during equation & formula Very good interaction between pupils & tutor made it interesting Book needs larger writing, equations need to be worked through clear not long enough to work examples: earth  spikes Course was great but highlighted my lack of knowledge Course notes sometimes difficult to read - colours and small size of images make it difficult Some abbreviations used not expanded in notes (EFLI, PSCC) so easy to forget meaning A lot to cram into 2 days, could be 3 days Extremely worthwhile & well presented Good course - need one specific for festivals rather than broadcasting A great course. Would be good to spend more time on some of the sections, particularly earthing! Many thanks Course documentation good - although a 'TLA' appendix would be great! Quite a lot of TLAs thrown in - assumed knowledge but good to stretch the mind! A glossary of terms would be  helpful. The course was excellent, really well constructed and delivered with energy and enthusiasm!  I have already  recommended a friend of mine attends one Manchester West London Southampton Manchester Bristol Clapham Glasgow Leeds London Newmarket Yes No Wasnít really  expecting anything  specific or just donít  know 92% 2% 6% More Less Same 24% 19% 57% More Less Same 13% 15% 72% Yes No Not Bothered 72% 17% 11% Yes No Not Bothered 71% 17% 12% I knew it all already,  so nothing new really Iíve learned quite a  bit but it more  reinforced my hazy  knowledge Itís actually been  quite an eye-opener  and Iíve learned a lot. 7% 46% 47% Yes No Indifferent 99% 1% 0% Yes No I'm working on it 61% 25% 14% Yes No Maybe 58% 12% 30% Good Okay, bit boring at  times Bad 98% 2% 0% Yes No Indifferent 84% 7% 9% Yes No Not Sure 95% 1% 4% BS 7671 17th Ed BS 7909:2011 IET on-site guide 42% 30% 28% Yes No Indifferent 96% 3% 1% Tick the boxes next to the copies of the documents you possessed prior to this  course Did you enjoy the course? If you were asked by a colleague or friend if it is worth them attending a session  would you recommend it? Do you hold an electrical qualification (e.g. C&G 17th Edition) Do you think you will do any further study on electrical work, either privately or  enrolling on a course as a result of today? How was the presenter (not the presentation) in terms of delivery, interest and  knowledge? Please be honest! How was the presentation Ė was it easy to follow for example? Do you feel more able to apply the requirements of BS 7671 & 7909 effectively  having done this course? On balance, did the course meet your expectations in terms of the level of  content? Would you recommend that there was more, about the same, or less technical  details and information? Would you recommend that there was more, about the same, or less regulatory  and compliance information? Would you like more practical experience, such as using test equipment? Would you like more practice at designing systems, such as working out cable  calculations or loading? How much have you learned during the course? Feedback